Урок по отрывку из книги "Маленький Принц"

Jan. 4, 2017
Встреча Маленького принца и лиса, этот самый отрывок: "Ты для меня пока всего лишь маленький мальчик, точно такой же, как сто тысяч других мальчиков. И ты мне не нужен. И я тебе тоже не нужен. Я для тебя всего только лисица, точно такая же, как сто тысяч других лисиц. Но если ты меня приручишь, мы станем нужны друг другу. Ты будешь для меня единственным в целом свете. И я буду для тебя один в целом свете..." Enjoy!
Урок по отрывку из книги "Маленький Принц"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ‘The Little Prince’


Level: Intermediate

Tags: Books

Online part


1. Learn new words and expressions in context


The fox appeared – лис появился

He turned around – он обернулся

Proposed the little prince – предложил Маленький Принц

I am not tamed – я не приручен

It is very disturbing – это очень беспокоит

It is an act too often neglected – этим действием часто пренебрегают

It means to establish ties – это значит установить связи

The foxed seemed perplexed – лис выглядел озадаченным

Sighed the fox – вздохнул лис


2. Read the excerpt from The Little Prince and find new words


It was then that the fox appeared.

"Good morning," said the fox.

"Good morning," the little prince responded politely, although when he turned around he saw nothing.

"I am right here," the voice said, "under the apple tree."

"Who are you?" asked the little prince, and added, "You are very pretty to look at."

"I am a fox," the fox said.

"Come and play with me," proposed the little prince. "I am so unhappy."

"I cannot play with you," the fox said. "I am not tamed."

"Ah! Please excuse me," said the little prince.

But, after some thought, he added: "What does that mean--'tame'?"

"You do not live here," said the fox. "What is it that you are looking for?"

"I am looking for men," said the little prince. "What does that mean--'tame'?"

"Men," said the fox. "They have guns, and they hunt. It is very disturbing. They also raise chickens. These are their only interests. Are you looking for chickens?"

"No," said the little prince. "I am looking for friends. What does that mean--'tame'?"

"It is an act too often neglected," said the fox. It means to establish ties."

"’To establish ties’?"

"Just that," said the fox. "To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world . .    ."

"I am beginning to understand," said the little prince. "There is a flower . . . I think that she has tamed me . . ."

"It is possible," said the fox. "On the Earth one sees all sorts of things."

"Oh, but this is not on the Earth!" said the little prince.

The fox seemed perplexed, and very curious.

"On another planet?"


"Are there hunters on that planet?"


"Ah, that is interesting! Are there chickens?"


"Nothing is perfect," sighed the fox.


3. Complete the sentences with the new words


1) "Come and play with me,"_________the little prince. "I am so unhappy."

2) "I cannot play with you," the fox said. "I am not_______."

3) The fox seemed________, and very curious.

4) "Nothing is perfect,"_______the fox.


4. Match the expressions and definitions


1) To appear

2) To turn around

3) Disturbing

4) Neglected

5) To establish ties


a) Bothering
b) To rotate
c) Lacking proper care
d) To connect
e) To become visible



Conversational part (study with teacher)



Answer the following questions:

1) Have you read ‘The Little Prince’ in your language?

2) What is this book about?

3) Was it written for children of for adults? Explain your opinion.

Comprehension check based on reading

1) Could the fox play with the Little Prince? Why/why not?

2) What does ‘to establish ties’ mean according to the fox?

3) Why was the Little Prince’s planet not perfect on fox’s opinion?


Read and discuss the following quotes




Download and read ‘The Little Prince’ in English


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