Английский по сказкам: Спящая Красавица (Maleficent with Angelina Jolie)

24 октября 2016 г.
Мы отправляемся в увлекательное лингвистическое путешествие, и нас ждет причудливый сказочный мир Maleficent. Этот Skype урок основан на необычной экранизации Спящей Красавицы. Присоединяйтесь!:)
Английский по сказкам: Спящая Красавица (Maleficent with  Angelina Jolie)
Lesson “The true love`s kiss”

 No matter how old you are, sometimes you want to dream away and to find yourself in a magic world of a fairy tale.  Tales, save the memories, show a way to forgotten childhood, where souls were clear as a tear, minds were careless, hearts were full of hope and dreams for the future. Fairy tales can teach adults some kindness. However, sometimes the stories are unpredictable as in a real life. As a story of Maleficent.

Before the lesson:

1) Check whether you understand these words and expressions clearly, translate them and compose sentences using them

to grow in grace and beauty – расти в гармонии и красоте

to prick a finger уколоть палец

a spinning wheel – вращающееся колесо (прялки) 

to curse /to revoke a curse - наслать / снять проклятие

to do smth. properly – делать что-либо как положено

to ask for forgiveness – просить о прощении

to be lost in hatred and revenge – потеряться (потонуть) в ненависти и жажде мести

to steal a heart – украсть чье-то сердце (запасть в сердце)

as long as smb. lives - пока кто-либо жив

not a day will pass without .. – ни дня не будет чтобы не.. 

a Godmother – крестная


2) Watch the episodes following links, given below. Don't forget to turn on the subtitles.

Episode 1

Episode 2


During the lesson


1) Do you remember a plot of the original tale about the Sleeping beauty ?  Who was the person, reading you the tale ?

2) Did you like Angelina Jolie as the Maleficent ? Some people say they were scared by her appearance with wings and horns. Could you find her to be an attractive witch ?

3) Actually, was she a witch or a fairy in your point of view ?

Comprehension check:

1) Did Maleficent curse little Aurora without any conditions of the curse revocation?

2) Did King Stephen ask Maleficent for mercy?

3) Did Aurora call Maleficent a Godmother, or an aunt?

4) How and when was the curse supposed to be executed?

Questions for a discussion 

1) That do you think about controversial personality of Maleficent? What was a reason for her to revenge the king Stephan?

2) The stories of Maleficent and of Sleeping beauty are quite different. What are the differences?

3) In original story Aurora was awakened by a true love`s kiss of a prince, willing to save her. Could that be a true kiss of love? Could the prince feel love, rather than a passion for a beauty, or a sorrow for seeing maid`s humble state? 

4) What kind of love did Maleficent express to Aurora?

5) Actually, do you know meaning of the word “maleficent” in the English language?


Imagine that you were Aurora and your teacher was Maleficent. What would be your words after awakening? You have so much to tell to each other.


Find the Maleficent via Internet and watch the whole movie (use English subtitles). Enjoy it :)

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