Travelling broadens the mind and expands horizons. However, it takes time to fully discover the country and grasp its reality. This section is dedicated to the countries, which used to be my home for some time.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny (500 thousand people) country in the heart of Europe.  It is enveloped in the green of trees in summer, and is colored in golden tinges in autumn. Luxembourg is an international business and banking center, and the quantity of banks is incomprehensible; even castle-like buildings are banks.

The country looks like a toy with magical houses, towers, bridges and spectacular parks, situated in a valley. The most appropriate adjective to describe the country is ‘perfect.’

More than 50% of the population are foreigners, which is why different languages are widely spoken in Luxembourg. The official languages are Luxembourgish, German and French.

This house is nothing else but our student dorm.